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U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery

Thank You!

The entry registration period for DV-2007 is now over and all submission processing at this website has stopped. But through credit card payment application will be ended on 7th January 2006.

Please click this link for additional information on the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. (This is only one legally website and under DV lottery state government, US.

DV-2007  lottery will be held on 2006 June-July and the winner will get the electronic-mail from U.S Department of State. The winner must be renew the new Green card before 31 December 2006 to enter America, anyone delay to changed that Green card would not given another chance. We are apology to any failed on this lottery without any notice.

DV-2008 lottery accept application start on September 2006 between December 2006.Through credit card payment application accept start from October 2006 between January 2007.

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